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Enter at Your Own Rift: How gold farming really hurts the economy

Recently, Trion Worlds CCO and RIFT Executive Producer Scott Hartsman talked to Gamasutra about how gold farming is a much bigger threat than we assume, particularly because of the large amount of credit card fraud. Those who played RIFT at launch probably recall the large wave of hacked accounts early on. According to Hartsman, the hacking attempts were so quick and so intense that the game could have been “denial-of-serviced off the internet” when it launched.


Want To Be a Gamification Expert?
Get Certified

that buzz word panned as hype
by some, has increasingly won over companies, investors and even research firms like Gartner, which now predicts half of all companies will use gamification
by 2015. So what’s next? How about gamification certification.

Facebook Ramps Up Lobbying Over Privacy

Facebook Inc. has beefed up its public policy efforts with an eye to shaping federal privacy legislation, sharply increasing its lobbying expenditures and expanding its roster of Washington insiders, disclosure records show.

NYPD Looks to Mine Social Networks for Infor on Criminal Activity

Privacy is something most people worry about and try to protect, but on social networking giants like Facebook, it’s almost impossible to protect all of your information despite privacy settings. Now, the New York Police Department (NYPD) is data mining Facebook, Twitter and MySpace to track hooligans who have committed or are planning to commit crimes.

Registration Opens for Game::Business::Law 2012

Registration is now open for the 4th Annual Game::Business::Law Summit on January 25 – January 26, 2012. The event will be held at Southern Methodist University, Dedman School of Law and is hosted by The Guildhall at SMU, SMU’s Dedman School of Law and The Center for American and International Law.

A Guide to Controlling Privacy, Info on Google+

Google+is the new social networking kid on the block, and one of the main reasons so many people are interested in the service over Facebook is Google+’s proclaimed focus on protecting users’ privacy. Whether you’re a new Google+ user or you’re already a pro, understanding how to control your information on the site can make you feel much more at ease on the social network. Here’s the lowdown on Google+’s privacy controls, including a few of the more buried settings you’ll want to know about.