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Video Game Targets ‘Tea Party Zombies,’ Fox News Personalities

A New York-based video game developer has set his virtual crosshairs on Republican and conservative political figures in a game called “Tea Party Zombies Must Die,”
which allows players to indiscriminately slaughter politicians like Michele Bachmann, Mike Huckabee and Sarah Palin.

Red Robot Launches Life is Crime Game With Location-Based Play

There’s got to be more to location-based mobile games than checking in. That was the thinking behind the game startup Red Robot Labs and its first game, Life of Crime. Life of Crime uses what Red Robot believes is going to be its critical asset: the R2 Gaming Network platform for making location games.

Can Gamification Help Solve the Online Anonymity Problem?

There’s been a lot written recently about the issue of online anonymity, and in particular how Google believes that a “real names” policy is necessary so that the Google+ network maintains a certain tone and level of trust.

Amazon Gets Serious About Social Games, Calls Out for Developers

The Facebook gaming arena is about to welcome a new gladiator: Amazon. The household name of online retailers (and e-readers) is officially pulling out all the stops for its inevitable entrance into the space, openly and internally calling out for a team of designers and developers.

Most Bosses Monitor or Block Social-Network Use At Work

Viruses, loss of confidential data and fear of employees tooling around doing sweet FA on Twitter are the top reasons that employers give for putting the brakes on social media in the workplace. And it’s stopping them benefiting from new collaborative technologies, says ClearSwift Research.

Social Gaming Startup Guerillapps Launches First Green-Theme Upcycling Game on Facebook

a Manhattan-based social gaming startup, today announces the launch of Trash Tycoon, its first green-theme social game for Facebook. The game is now available for play and takes a unique approach to social gaming by incorporating awareness for environmental issues and sustainability. The first game to ever highlight the concept of upcycling, Trash Tycoon is an immersive,
fun game that presents opportunities for real-world impact.

Your Virtual Cow Could Be Worth $0

Fans of SuperPoke! Pets were crushed recently when Google announced it was pulling the plug on the game. Google killed off all but one project from social app maker Slide, which it bought last year for around $200 million.