Virtual Goods Trend — UP!

The virtual goods market continues to grow. A recent Forbes article highlights some of what is happening. The article highlights some powerful facts including:

  • Traditional game companies EA and THQ both have signed agreements with Live Gamergood-ea.jpg a leader in handling micro-transactions for monetizing interactive and digital entertainment – to handle virtual goods transactions and provide virtual currencies. Click here for a copy of the EA Press Release and here for a copy of the THQ Press Release.
  • The worldwide virtual goods market is expected to top 7 billion – but others have estimated the market to likely exceed $10 billion
  • Zynga alone is projected to rake in around $600 million in revenue this year, largely from the news-thq.jpgsale of virtual goods.
  • Online game network Xbox Live has generated an estimated $625 million in virtual items sales, surpassing its subscription revenues.
  • Sony’s sales of virtual goods for the PlayStation tripled in the first quarter.
  • The article concludes with a forward-looking quote that points to the emergence of cross-platform or cross-game virtual currencies.

Click here for a copy of the article.