Event Alert: PLI’s “Technotainment”

Date(s) - 08/09/11
12:00 am


Pillsbury’s Cydney Tune and Mark Litvack

PLI’s Technology and Entertainment Convergence 2011: Hot Business and Legal Issues in “Technotainment”

September 9, 2011 (New York) & September 21, 2011 (San Francisco)

New York – http://www.pli.edu/re.aspx?pk=29651&t=HCF1_1TECH
San Francisco – http://www.pli.edu/re.aspx?pk=29652&t=HCF1_1TECH

PLI has completely revised this year’s program to include today’s major legal and business issues in the convergence of entertainment and
technology.  The program brings together a faculty of experienced
in-house lawyers, law firm attorneys and senior business executives on
the cutting edge of this burgeoning practice.

Cydney Tune, Chair of this year’s program, will be speaking on a panel titled “Licensing Film and Television Content for New Media and Platforms.” In this presentation, the points of view of various stakeholders in the
digital film and television content industry (content owners,
distributors, platform providers) will be discussed. The panel will also
address various digital video distribution models (e.g., transactional
video-on-demand, subscription video-on-demand, free/ad-supported
video-on-demand, and electronic sell-through) and the careful attention
to deal structuring necessary to achieve an integrated, cross-platform
model of sales and distribution that maximizes exploitation across all
possible avenues.

Mark Litvack will be speaking on a panel titled “An Update On Social Media and Copyright – Is Anyone Winning This Race?” Social media (also known as participatory media, or user generated
content) presents challenges for platform provider, copyright owners,
brand holders, and users alike. In this presentation, the panel will address the legal obligations on these
stakeholders, trends and practices in DMCA notice-and-takedown and Terms of Service enforcement and attempt to answer the question are content
owners simply continuing to play a must-lose game of “Whack-a-Mole.” The panel
will also cover some of the innovative, voluntary efforts that build
atop these obligations, including Content ID on YouTube including its
“Copyright School” and Google’s recent antipiracy initiatives and
discuss the balance of the question about what the social media sites
have done against what more they have left to do.

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