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Women-Voices-in-Finance1080p-300x169In this 30-minute conversation, our colleague Liz Zimmer and State Street’s Nicole Olson will discuss innovation in digital assets and cryptocurrency, the impact of fintech on diversity and women in leadership, and paths toward greater representation and support of women in the fintech community.




Recently, Pillsbury’s Deborah Thoren-Peden sat down with a panel of experts that included Millicent Calinog Tracey (former Wells Fargo SVP), Samantha Ettus (founder and CEO of Park Place Payments) and Pillsbury partner John Barton. They discussed how businesses and the customer experience have been impacted due to COVID-19 and how banks, fintechs and payment companies can maximize opportunities and mitigate risk with increased demand in the digital payments space.

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In December, the New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS) published a proposal to create a public list of approved virtual currencies and a self-certification methodology for holders of NY Bitlicenses and New York trust companies approved to engaged in a virtual currency business to offer to New York consumers virtual currencies without the need for additional approvals of the DFS. If adopted, the proposal would be a significant step at the state regulatory level toward treating digital assets in a manner commensurate with other more traditional financial assets.

In “New York Guidance on Listing Digital Assets,” colleague  Daniel N. Budofsky examines this proposal more closely.