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closed captioning symbol (two Cs)It’s the end of the day and you find yourself with a little downtime to catch up on your favorite streaming show. Whether it’s because each episode vacillates between the loudest of explosions and the quietest of dialogue or your hearing just isn’t what it used to be—you find yourself constantly adjusting the volume so that you can hear the crucial reveal whispered by the main character’s best friend at the penultimate moment before turning the volume down as fast as possible so that you don’t wake everyone in the house when all mayhem breaks loose and the main character is forced to escape a self-destructing secret base. Thankfully, you remember that you can just turn on closed captioning, set the remote down, and enjoy the show without missing any of the dialogue. However, for those who are deaf or have hearing loss, closed captioning is much more than a convenience—it is a vital tool for providing access to the universe of streaming.

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