Augmented Reality Legal Q&A

Our Virtual Worlds & Social Media team is leading the way in understanding and addressing legal issues for a number of cutting-edge interactive and immersive technologies, including augmented reality. Some of our team members recently outlined IP, privacy and liability issues in a Q&A on Augmented Planet, a popular news site for the developer industry. However, the technology’s legal issues are increasingly relevant to all companies.

Augmented reality technology blurs the line between what is real and what is computer-generated by enhancing a real world view with text, images, graphics or other media. Many businesses are already using augmented reality to market services and goods. Use of this technology will exponentially increase in the very near future.

Our team engages with both augmented reality technology developers and brands and businesses using the technology. We advise the developers at an early stage, advising on business model and technology design issues for a service or application before too much time and financial resources is spent on programming and development. We advise businesses using the technology on an array of legal issues to help protect their brands and minimize liability.

The Augmented Planet Q&A is here.