Why You Need a Social Media Audit Now

Most companies have employment policies, various website compliance policies and other audit and compliance practices to mitigate risk. Many companies have not yet integrated social media into those policies. Of those that have made some attempt to do so, most have ineffectively or incompletely done so. In fact, a Wall Street Journal report indicates that in a recent Protiviti survey of internal audit professionals, more than half do not assess social media risk and of the ones that do 80% admit to less than fully effective capabilities.

In a climate where regualtory actions are increasing, you can not read the daily tech/legal news without seeing another enforcement action for social media violations. Record fines are being levied. Dont be the next target. There is no time like now to mitigate your risk.

We have previously written about some of the reasons that companies need to conduct legal audits of social media risks and develop effective policies to do so. Pillsbury’s Social Media team has a cost-effective approach to doing so. 

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