Risks, Reliability and Regulated Industries: A Series on AI Systems in Commercial Contracting

Over on Pillsbury’s SourcingSpeak blog, colleagues  and  provide an in-depth exploration of the many concerns and considerations in play for organizations seeking to integrate AI systems into their own operations.

Part I: Artificial Intelligence Systems and Risks in Commercial Contracting provides an introduction to AI systems, along with some examples of how they come into play.

Part II: The Legal Risks of AI Systems in Technology Services breaks down some of the risks and issues that would-be AI adopters should consider carefully when hammering out the details in technology service provider contracts, including the confidentiality, security and commercial value of customer data, and third-party liability.

Part III: Earning Your Trust: The Need for “Explainability” in AI Systems examines how bias, unreliability and lack of transparency are just some of the issues that need to be addressed when considering the use of AI systems, and why it’s crucial for customers to have open discussions with AI providers about their efforts to mitigate these risks and to understand how the technology functions.

Part IV: AI Systems Adoption: Finding a Balance in Regulated Industries explores the developing role of AI systems in regulated industries and the many concerns and considerations in play for organizations in such industries seeking to integrate AI systems into their own IT operations.

If you are interested in learning more about the contents of this series, or if you have questions about AI systems, Pillsbury’s team of technology transactions, intellectual property and regulatory counsel are available to discuss and support you on these issues.


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