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At the recent Apple iPhone unveiling event, we learned that you can Peek at it with a light press on your iPhone screen and Pop into it by pressing a little deeper. And just like that, Apple unleashed a new namespace of gestures distinguished by different amounts of force applied by the users. Developers will soon create 3D input gestures characterized both by where a user’s finger moves on screen and by how hard the user presses. For instance, you might scroll faster through your contact list based on how hard you press while drawing your finger across the screen, or control the speed of your virtual racecar based on the amount of force you apply. If history is any guide, expect savvy businesses to lay claim to the 3D gesture space with intellectual property.

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A virtual world operator and its executives were sued for trademark and patent infringement over the unauthorized sale of virtual goods. The owner of a famous brand of goods sued the corporate operator of a virtual world, including the executives who run that corporation, for trademark infringement, design patent infringement and racketeering violations. Among other things, the brand owner noted the adult content of the website and the unauthorized use of both the name and the shape of the product as causes for concern. In what is a growing trend, the brand owner also targeted the individuals who make operative decisions for the corporate defendants. The owner subsequently dismissed the case without prejudice to re-filing in the future.

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