Retail Therapy Anytime, Anywhere

Joe Jensen, general manager of Intel’s Retail Solutions Division, at the National Retail Federation Convention & Expo, New York, Jan. 13, 2014, confirmed that “Intel has been actively working with leading retailers and the industry for several years to enable retailers to use the Internet of Things to deliver more entertaining brand experiences while also reducing operational costs.” Intel is “taking those efforts a step further by delivering more intelligent solutions and enabling retailers to make better use of big data to deliver a more personalized shopping experience.”

Avid shoppers may be excited to learn that, as reported by Intel, “[w]ith Intel-based Shopping Anywhere, consumers can intuitively shop the looks from their favorite television programs right from their couch.”  Or, “[I]f a consumer prefers to bring the ease of online shopping with them in-store, the Intel® Core™ i7-based MemoryMirror* full-length, digital ‘mirror,’ allows store shoppers to virtually try on multiple outfits, and view and compare previous looks on the mirror or via smartphone or tablet.”  The mirror will use “Intel integrated graphics technology to create avatars of the shopper wearing various clothing that can be shared with friends to solicit feedback or viewed instantly to make an immediate in-store purchase.”  This approaches is expected to provide shoppers with “an engaging and seamless buying experience, regardless of where they are or what device they are using.”

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