News of Note for the Internet-Minded (2/17/17) – DeepMind, IoT and Graphic ToS Representation!

The Internet of Things does not have to be Skynet to threaten us humans; perhaps tired of defeating carbon-based Go and chess masters, Google’s DeepMind pits its AI agents against each other; exactly when will AR and VR be fully embraced; and more …




    • A German watchdog agency tells German parents to destroy a toy doll over hacking fears. (BBC News)


    • It’s AI versus AI as Google subsidiary DeepMind tests whether competition leads to conflict or cooperation. (James Vincent, The Verge)






  • Pokémon Go notwithstanding, people are wondering when augmented reality will truly arrive, be it for businesses or the population at large. (Rob Marvin, PC Magazine & Dave Roos, Seeker)